Ductile wall panels

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The Ductile 6mm ceramic panel series stands out for its versatility and simplified installation process.

A new ceramic material with special characteristics, Ductile can be used to dress up indoor walls in much swifter, more effortless style, thanks to its 6mm thickness and lightweight properties. The ceramic panels can easily be precision cut or drilled using standard drill bits and cutting discs saving you time and money.

The Ductile ceramic panel series combines all the beauty of our collections with new properties guaranteed to simplify the tile-laying process in both new-build and refurbishment projects.

LIGHTER – Thanks to their slimline 6mm thickness and new formula.

SWIFTER – Their formula offsets surface stress, making any cutting work much swifter and cleaner.

EASIER – The tiles’ ductile properties make them easy to lay, avoiding the need for expensive tile adhesives.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Due to the big reduction in emissions from the manufacturing and transport processes.

Made in Spain. Suitable for walls only.

Available in the following ranges

Beren, Eme, Gubi, Kovo, Verso, Blanc Invisible


900×2700. 6mm thick.



Kovo Light Ductile featured in Melbourne Airport project by PTID

Code: TTLV221