Top 4 Colours in Tiles

Tremendous tiles: brighten up your home with these four trending colours

With winter here and more of us opting to stay indoors, now is the perfect time to give your interior space a splash of colour and vibrancy. But selecting the right colour and shade can be an overwhelming process. After all, there are roughly 10 million colours worldwide – so where do we begin?

As a supplier of premium tiles from around the world, Tiento is a specialist in bringing spaces to life through texture and colour. We share our insights into which colours should make it into your home.



Neutral palettes remain a classic trend, and what they lack in colour and vibrancy they certainly make up for in functionality. Tones like white, beige, and taupe provide a perfect canvas for a sophisticated look and give the illusion of a larger space.

Probably five years ago, everyone was about grey, but now it’s swung the other way to warmer tones. Post-Covid and with more people spending time in their homes, we want to be surrounded by inviting colours.

To create an all-neutral aesthetic, layer different hues of the same colour for style consistency. Doing this allows anything that’s wood – such as flooring, window frames, beams and more – to create a warm statement in your home.

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Bringing the look of nature inside your home is another popular choice among homeowners.

The deep, earthy tones help give a room depth if it lacks vibrancy. Colours of brown and terracotta provide a soothing mood to the space without looking harsh. It’s a great option if you’re trying to create a Mediterranean aesthetic in your space.

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Like terracotta, green mimics the hues of Mother Nature, representing growth, freshness and harmony. Muted greens are having a moment in interior design, especially colours like olive and moss – muted greens that all come back to the Earth’s landscape tones.

Muted greens are a transitional colour that balances warm and cool tones for versatility. Pair it with a pastel colour for a contemporary touch, or combine it with a white shade for a fresh look that opens up the space. They are also ideal for spaces with a European style aesthetic.

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Rich red colours have always been associated with luxury, warmth, and sophistication. The wine-red shades of russet, dark crimson, and burgundy are coming to the fore with their jewel tones. These colours added warmth and a cosy atmosphere to interiors, and often paired with natural materials like wood and woven textures.

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While a great colour can completely transform a space, textured tiles take it further by adding more nuance and dimension to your home. The raised profile creates a more significant visual impact and stimulates our sense of touch.

From modern three-dimensional tiles to classic etched patterns or even natural wood grain, textured tiles add subtle character to your home without being loud.

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