Terracotta Tiles: An Overview

Terracotta coloured tiles are once again having their time in the spotlight. This natural earthy hue brings a warmth and calmness to your space. Embrace the trend with our guide to terracotta.

Terracotta coloured tiles are once again having their time in the spotlight. This natural earthy hue brings a warmth and calmness to your space.

Unglazed terracotta is the traditionally soft yet durable material used for flooring. However being unglazed, traditional terracotta tiles are therefore porous. They will need to be sealed once laid and will require ongoing maintenance to reseal the tiles over its lifetime. For this reason, at Tiento we like to focus on glazed porcelain tiles that we stock in a range of terracotta tones. Being a porcelain tile, they are much more hardwearing than real terracotta and require no ongoing maintenance. Who has time to worry about their tiles after all?!

Overclay porcelain series


Evoke the fascinating colours of the desert and the charm of the Middle Eastern kasbahs with our Overclay series, a collection of Italian porcelain tiles with an authentic and sophisticated appeal in terracotta hues. The series is completed with the Petra decor, boasting innovative nuances of colour with graceful, material waves in warm variants.

This series is available in two finishes, R10 internal and R11 external slip resistance, allowing you to run the tiles from inside to outside for a seamless look. It is suitable for interior and exterior floors and walls and only 9mm thick.

Pictured: Overclay series: Cotto on floor, Rose on walls with Petra Warm feature wall

Cottage porcelain series


Resembling the character, warmth, and connotations of the Spanish countryside, the Cottage Brick series in the lighter Sand or the darker Cotto colour bring a rustic look to your floors or walls. This handmade look brick range brings charm to any open use space and has an R10 slip resistance for use on internal floors. It is also available to order in a Hexagon shape.

Gesso series


The Gesso series is a collection of double-fired ceramic tiles, suitable for walls. Available in a range of colours with slight shading variation to replicate burnished coloured clays found in terracotta tiles. The Gesso in White has a subtle peach undertone, the Terracotta is a warmer tone in peachy hues while the Red is the darkest shade in a more vibrant red brick tones.

Bow Clay


The Bow series, inspired by the typical roofs found in Mediterranean cities, is a modern new take on traditional roof tiles. The soft terracotta shades of Bow Clay stand out for its relief pattern and characteristic volume, that interplay between reflected light and shade. This 150×450 ceramic tile is made in Spain and suitable for walls only.

Zellige Natural series


The Zellige handmade tile in its unglazed natural finish is a beautiful product that brings something extra to any project. This tile is unglazed so does require sealing to be non-porous. Handmade by artisans in Morocco, these exquisite tiles are each individually pressed, resulting in a subtle variation of texture across the surface of each tile. It is available in a Square or Brick format, and is suitable for walls and floors.

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You can see these ranges and many more on display in our South Melbourne showroom. Our skilled team can assist you to find the right tile for your next project as as well as assist with any design advice or technical know how. If you would like any further information feel free to contact us today.