Sourced From Gifu: Our Japanese Tile Ranges

Modern Japanese interior design is anchored in minimalist principles and clean lines. It is this sense of calm that we want to replicate in your home with our range of authentic tiles sourced from Japan.

The Gifu region is known not only for its picturesque countryside but also for its long history of porcelain production. In fact, Gifu is currently responsible for over half of all porcelain manufacturing in Japan. The factory we source from has been operating in the region for an incredible 60 years.

Tile production begins with the blending of several clays which are then pressed and hardened in a mould to shape. The tiles are then sprayed with a glaze to provide a quality finish and added durability. They are then slowly fired in a tunnel kiln for 20 hours. When taken out they are given ample time to cool allowing each tile to acquire their own unique colour variation.


From this unique production process our range of Japanese tiles come to life. Available in assorted formats and sizes, our Japanese tiles range from our Edo and Motto subway bricks to the various mosaic formats, like the Chat long hexagonal tile, the Maze and Nagara rectangle tile or the Yohaku square tile.