Mapierre Ancienne series

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The Mapierre Ancienne series replicates the beauty of natural limestone, rich in detail and shade variation with swirling movement and intricate patterns on the surface.

Available in many sizes and five colours for you to create endless design options.

Pair back with the Mapierre Ligne lineal feature wall tile in 600×1200 format.

Or for a seamless look with less surface movement, see our Mapierre Noble series for a refined pattern.

Made in Italy. Rectified edge. Suitable for use internally and externally on floors and walls.  All colours available in an R10 slip rating. Selected colours available with an R11 external slip rating.


Blanc, Beige, Naturel, Gris, Noir


R10 finish – 600×600, 600×1200, 1200×1200, 300×600, 800×800. 9.5mm thickness

R11 finish – 600×1200, 1200×1200 – available in Blanc, Beige or Naturel only. 9.5mm thickness

R11 finish – 200×200, 200×400 – available in Blanc, Beige or Gris only. 9.5mm thickness

R11 finish 20mm paver – 800×800 – available in Blanc, Naturel or Gris only.

Slab 1200×2780, 6.5mm thickness – available in Blanc or Beige.

Also available in 50×50 mosaic or Petite cobbled mosaic


Code: TTME671-75