Colori Matt Series

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The Colori Matt porcelain range is an incredibly versatile tile range available in a vast range of colours and sizes to create a completely modular system. It is this modular compatibility that enables a world of endless creative possibilities.

Available in 40 matt glazed porcelain colours in a variety of sizes.

Speciality trims, to tile around corners, are also available in the matt colours to achieve a seamless look.

Made in Italy and suitable for floors and walls.


40 matt colours. Refer to the catalogue below for colour options.
Colori series also available in Gloss and Full body.


All 40 colours are available in 200×200, 100×100, 50×50 mosaic & 25×25 mosaic. 7mm thickness.

Selected colours are also available in other sizes.  Refer to the catalogue below for the size options by colour.



Kingsville residence by Kate Vernon Architects, colour: Bianco
Green Island bench by Hattie Molloy, colour: Kiwi
Ratio Consultants office by Made-For, colours: Bianco, Quarzo, Avio
Wrong Champ by Wowowa Architecture, colours: Cromo, Corallo, Aloe
Domain Rd by Kirby Architects, colour: Bianco
Hermon by Wowowa Architecture, colours: Baia, Indaco
Blonde by Studio Tom, colour: Bianco


Code: TTST Matt