3d Tiles: A New Dimension

Three dimensional tiles add another element to your walls given their depth and interesting shapes and texture.

If you are looking for the latest trend in tiles, this is it.

3D tiles add another element to your walls given their depth and interesting shapes and texture. If you are looking for the latest trend in tiles, this is it.

Dimensional tiles with a raised or undulating surface are perfect for a feature wall. They can also look stunning on the front of a counter or bar in a commercial space. Add in some mood lighting or a feature pendant and you can really amplify the 3D effect.

At Tiento, we have quite a few 3D tile ranges. Some of our most popular ones include:

Beren Wall Saw series

The Beren Wall Saw collection references the Portuguese and Catalan limestones and is a compliment to the Beren porcelain tile range. This 300x900mm ceramic wall tile creates a lineal pattern across your walls and can be laid vertically or horizontally for a different result each time.

The Beren Wall series is made in Spain and available in 4 colours – White, Light grey, Dark grey & Biscuit. It is also available to order in two other patterns, Dot, an exaggerated textured surface, and Six, a 3-dimensional hexagon pattern.

Pictured: Beren Wall Saw in Light Grey, Manning Rd project by Hunter & Richards

Bow ceramic series

Bow is inspired by the typical roofs found in Mediterranean cities in a modern new take on traditional roof tiles.

This series stands out for its relief pattern and characteristic volume, with interplay between reflected light and shade. This 150×450 collection is available in Clay in a matt finish while the Blue or Green are available in a gloss finish.

Pictured: Bow Clay tile

Ras series

The Ras series can be used to create tiled wall surfaces that spark off interplay with the light, leading to chameleonic settings with a dual sense of depth, further enhanced by contrasting finishes.
When the surface is bathed in light, a metamorphosis takes place through the shadows cast by its surface reliefs and its grainy appearance. This 200×400 collection is available in White, Silver, Anthracite and Blue.

Ras Blue tile

Ground Wall Twist series

Ground Wall Twist 3D feature ceramic tile is a new chevron concept that confers a unique micro texture. Ground Wall references the subtleties of limestone, the texture of natural cement and the gentle gradations that provide references to terracotta.

Meridian 3D series

Meridian is a 3D ceramic wall tile available in 6 different colours and 2 different finishes that offer refined, contemporary combinations, which are anything but clichéd. The endless combinations make the collection rich and versatile thanks to a multitude of expressive possibilities contrasting gloss & matt surfaces. The Meridian tile is a 75×300 subway available in 3D matt or 3D gloss finish and 6 colours including Ruby, Pink, Green, Blue, White and Black.

Marea rosa and salvia

You can see these ranges and many more on display in our South Melbourne showroom. Our skilled team can assist you to find the right tile for your next project as as well as assist with any design advice or technical know how. If you would like any further information feel free to contact us today.