Spatula ceramic range

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Spatula is a collection of double-fired ceramic tiles. The name comes from the tool used to spread the glaze on the bisque. Its warm and natural colours in varied finishes of matt, gloss or metallic glaze, emphasise the raw material of which it is composed.

Each tile is double-fired at temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. The double firing process begins with the firing of each tile in a kiln. Each tile then has a glaze applied by hand. It is then placed into a different kiln for a second firing. This gives an irregular and unique appearance to each tile. As a result of this manual intervention, some deformations, irregularities and accumulations of glaze can occur. This is what makes this range unique. The end result is a hand glazed tile, each with its own natural and original design.

Made in Italy. Suitable for walls only.


Available in 14 matt colours, 4 gloss colours and 3 metallic finishes.
Refer to catalogue below for more details.


100×200, 100×100, 50×50, 200×200, 50×100. 9mm thickness.

Code: TTSE003


Spatula catalogue