Sixty Timbro series

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Sixty is a complete and versatile collection, that interprets bare clay moulded by the continual action of the natural elements, to create a ceramic surface with an amplified tactile dimension. This vast porcelain series has 3 components: Natural, Timbro and Mini Bricks.

The Sixty Timbro (or stamped) series is a feature porcelain tile, where a form is impressed in the bare earth to reveal an unusual effect of texture and volume, for original and creative decorative combinations.‎

Pair it with the Sixty Natural or Mini bricks series for a harmonious look.

Made in Italy. Rectified edge.


Antracite, Cenere, Talco, Sabbia, Fango, Salvia, Cielo


300×600 or 600×1200
9.5mm thickness.

Code: TTME515-521