We have a vast range of mosaic tiles available in glass, porcelain, marble, stone and various combinations of all of these. Our range covers both decorative wall tiles, floor tiles and pool mosaics.

Visit our Melbourne showroom or contact us for further details. We can help bring your space to life with some amazing and intricate tile formats.

Aquella mosaic

Bubble mosaic

Classique mosaic

Colori square mosaic

Concave Round mosaic

Fishscale mosaic

Forrest mosaic

Herringbone Marble mosaic

Herringbone mosaic

Honeycomb mosaic

Kit Kat mosaic

Lantern mosaic

Opaque mosaic

Satin Brick mosaic

Satin Rhomboid mosaic

Shaded mosaic


Twix Navy

Twix White

Verde Marble mosaic